What is Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate?

Full Spectrum

Made from the Hemp plant Excluding Flowers

Extracted using Alcohol or Co2

Full spectrum CBD Oil contains the full spectrum of cannabinoid, terpenes, and essential oils

Magnifying therapeutic benefits of each individual cannabinoid

Full Spectrum has Enhanced benefits of “Entourage effect“ As Described in the British Journal of Pharmology

upto 0.03% THC


Made from the Hemp plant Excluding Flowers

Additional Processing

True Broad spectrum CBD has all THC filtered, made from Full spectrum not Isolate

Broad Spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids

Broad Spectrum CBD OIL has Enhanced benefits of the “Entourage Effect”

All THC removed during processing No THC .


Made from the Hemp Plant Excluding Flowers

Highly Processed

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD Produced by removing all terpenes, flavonoids, plant parts, and other cannabinoids-through winterization

Heated to convert CBDA into pure CBD via  decarboxylation.

Isolate has No “Entourage Effect”