The Great Awakening

Increase your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone In order to raise your vibrational consciousness level. Forgive yourself and others, (Thus releasing karma. this will change the vibration of the planet, Raise the shared consciousness of humanity and change humankind, one person at at time.

Treat your body as a temple and change over to a higher vibrational diet – RA

Intro to The Great Awakening #TheGreatAwakenening

Link to Expandable of The Great awakening Map:

The Great Awakening Map is the quintessential red-pill navigational chart for Escaping the Matrix and Returning to Source. Each day, maps continually ship around the world to awaken countless new minds in every country.

The map has been spotted on 8chan in accompaniment with the Q-Map, and has served a vital role in The Great Awakening and Full Disclosure Movement across the entire globe.

Over a decade of metaphysical research was collected prior to the map’s release in mid-2018. Its continual design is produced and updated by Art Housethe award-winning, international artist and researcher Champ Parinya.