Celu Buster Aromatherapy Soap with Jute Scourer


Contains: aromatherapy soap, jute scourer on a card. Made by melt & pour method with Grapefruit Cypress & Geranium essential oils. Color: Green. Soap weighs 130gm.

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Fight flab, attack cellulite and get squeaky clean using the power of aromatic oils and the exfoliating properties of eco-jute.May visibly smooth and improve the skins texture, and could help boost circulation.An intensive exfoliating soap and scourer that instantly deep cleanses and could help stimulatecirculation, improving skin tone. Aromatherapists claim that regular use may help to break downtoxins in the skin, reducing the build-up of fatty deposits that create uneven skin texture.

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Weight 150 g