Only 1 Plastic Bottle?

Openied -Only 1 plastic Bottle?

Being mindful of what we buy and how we reuse the plastic we have bought can make a difference:

Starting from when we wake up in the morning, we are using plastic and its not always recyclable – juice bottles, the plastic bags inside the cereal box, the plastic bag for your bread etc

Lunch Deal? Packet of crisp (Non Recyclable), shop bought sandwiches (the see through display plastic (Non Recyclable) and of course the drink in the usual plastic bottle.

Things are changing slowly, our supermarkets are starting to listen and changing the way they retail, store and distribute produce.

While there is still demand for these products manufacturers will keep selling them to us; water and drinks bottles are the biggest culprits.

If everyone in the world stopped using 1 plastic bottle a week we would save 73 Billion bottles going to landfill in just 1 week

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