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A smart export tariff for the smart grid
“With energy storage and Outgoing Agile, you can sell your electricity at the most valuable time for you. Combine 4 kWp of solar panels with battery storage, and you could earn £436 – over 50% more than the same panels on a fixed 5.5p per kWh rate.
Combine this with our Agile tariff for the electricity coming in to your home, and integration with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, or smart EV charging, to really make the most of your smart grid

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Outgoing Power: Export Strength

What is an Export tariff?

Most tariffs you’ve encountered before are ‘import’ ones, charging you based on the energy you’re importing from the grid to power your home. The Outgoing Octopus tariff is the price we pay you for electricity you export to the grid.

There are two ways to sell:

Fixed Outgoing Octopus: a flat tariff, so you can sell your electricity at a flat unit price of 5.5p per kWh (the current FiT export price is 5.38p per kWh).

Agile Outgoing Octopus: priced dynamically, with a unit price that changes every half an hour – allowing people generating green energy at home to take advantage of the highly variable wholesale cost of energy throughout the day, and export at the most valuable times.

How does it work?

This is the first time anyone has delivered a half-hourly export tariff. That means that we pay you for any surplus energy from your home that goes to the grid. That might be energy generated by your solar panels, a micro-wind turbine or even energy you’ve stored in a home battery or an electric vehicle capable of discharging to the home.

To do this we measure the flow of energy using your smart meter. We record how much you import for energy you consume and how much you export for energy you send to the grid. We will show your consumption and surplus via your existing Octopus online dashboard and your monthly bill. If your export payment exceeds your consumption cost, great news! That means we owe you… Job done.

What do I need to do to join Outgoing?

You’ll need a SecureTM smart meter we can read remotely.

If you’re not yet an Octopus customer, you’ll need to sign up on an interim tariff first – get a quote any time at octopus.energy/quote – and then get in touch with us once you’re fully switched over and we’ll organise a smart meter installation.

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Octopus Energy has grown fast since its launch in 2016.

They now supplies more than 750,000 homes, having gained around 30,000 customers per month on average. It says it’s committed to ‘fair and transparent’ prices and to making things as simple as possible for its customers. It offers a range of tariffs, including a green tariff with 100% renewable electricity and full carbon offset for gas, a tariff designed for electric vehicle drivers, and a tariff that tracks wholesale energy prices and allows customers to see their costs daily. Octopus Energy often sells tariffs among the cheapest in England, Scotland and Wales. None of its tariffs have exit fees. In 2018, it acquired the customers of M&S Energy, Iresa, Affect Energy and Gen4U. Read on to find out how Octopus Energy matches up to

Everything you need to know about Octopus Agile